Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sundays are for home

I'd probably enjoy walking the city of Sao Paulo. The other day Joao, a friend/coworker, told me about the mall, where the Starbucks was, etc. I Google-Earthed (it's a verb now) the locations and realized they were a short walk. But when I pointed out how close these attractions were I got a stern warning not to attempt to walk there!

I spent yesterday in a car tour of the city. I'm not going to pay a taxi to take me from place to place just for the sake of being somewhere else. So today is a quiet day in the hotel. A quiet, boring, introspective day.

When I saw the meme that OC & the Quill had participated in, I knew exactly what I wanted my bottle to say.

I'm going to follow OC's lead and say "consider yourself tagged if you'd like to play".

Update: As always, exercise helps soothe the mind. The warm sun and the cold pool helped a lot too!


Anonymous said...

This is very good, Morgan -- perhaps too good. That will be a tough lead to follow.

However, you probably don't have much to worry about since you didn't tell them HOW to participate or where to get the blank template.

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks and Good Morning Quilly, but the meme link does all the explaining. As does the link to the OC&Q page. :-)

Either that or I never really figured it out and didn't want to appear (more) ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Morgan, I know you're a techie, but I will resist to my dying day using any trademark or corporate name to describe an activity. People who could end poverty in Sao Paulo out of petty cash already have enough of both my money and my attention.

Speaking of Sao Paulo - when both the BBC and the Economist tell you "stay in your room" ... well, stay in your room.

See "end poverty out of petty cash", supra. We are the authors of our own distress.

I Dive At Night said...

OC, while eating in the feijoada restaurant yesterday my friend pointed out a man eating dinner with his family. The gentleman in question is famous locally as having a net worth of SEVENTEY-FOUR BILLION U.S. dollars.

It scared the hell out of me just to be in the same room as he was!

I believe in the concept of "enough". I think $7.4E13 is just a wee tad bit more than he probably actually requires to enjoy the pork and beans.

Minka said...

I don't get it...I like the picture though. I wish I were a bottle thrown into the ocean, traveling and seeing new sights, braving big waves and gently be picked up by an unsuspecting, yet ruggedly handsome, fool :)

Mimi said...

You are Message Bottle #140 in the vast blogosphere ocean. Feel free to toss a bottle anytime you wish. You never know what might wash ashore!

Message In a Bottle #140