Friday, September 08, 2006

Fate? Free Will? Devine Guidance? The Basics of Zen Navigation

Do you believe in fate or free will? Is what happens to you the consequence of the choices you've made, blind dumb luck, or fate? We've all be introduced to these ideas, and have all made opinions from time to time. Some ideas we hold dear and true, others we reject.

I believe in the idea of Zen Navigation. It's neither fate nor free will, but a wonderful glorious combination that I think is truer to the way the Universe actually works.

Some paths in life are like forks in the road, while others only appear to be. Some choices we make bring us to all new places we would never otherwise be, and some bring us to places it seems we end up at no matter what we've otherwise chosen. The trick is to recognize those!

Coincidences are some times just coincidences. However often they are not.

Free will allows us to ignore opportunities. After all, 0ur world is so full of distractions. There are so many false objectives in life. So many things you think you want, and try so hard to work towards. And opportunities can be so subtle.

Zen Navigation is the process of recognizing these turns in the road that are the path better taken. The challenge is that free will allows us to ignore these suggestions offered by fate.

Open yourself to the idea of fateful coincidence. Practice recognizing opportunity as handed to you by the Universe. Soon you'll actually become good at recognizing forks in the road that lead to truly new paths. Each choice you make brings you closer to a new and better you. Provided you don't try to fight against the influence of fate but instead choose to flow with it.

Open your eyes, and you find the Universe will provide.

(More, much more, on zen naviation later.)

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IDiveAtNight said...

FYI, this post was inspired by M.D. from Lexington MA. I know a good coincidence when it hits me!