Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures for Minka

The following are a few pics from my Iceland "trip" that I'm sharing because (1) Minka is blogging from Iceland and (2) all Icelandic people are COOL!

This pic is of a lonely cottage in (what appeared to me to be) the middle of nowhere.

Like everyone else in the country, I stayed in Reykjavic.

This pic was actually sent to me. I was there in November and December (2001). This is a picture of the "midnight sun" the following summer.

I was in Iceland to help TAL improve their mobile phone system. This remote outpost is a cellular basestation on top of a moutain overlooking.... more mountains.

The drive to get up to this point was SCAREY!

Case in point... here was the view as we took what I thought would be my last drive anywhere. The camera doesn't do justice to what it feels like to drive up this kind of slope!

But we were in a VERY cool truck. Small by local standards, but something any red-blooded man (or cool woman) would be proud to drive elsewhere.

Iceland uses a lot of geothermal energy! For example, the steam plant (left) is not only the source of the electricity for the lights in the bathroom (right) but also the hot water. This hot water is used to bathe, heats the famous public pools, heats the homes in Rekyavic, and then the still warm water is (in places) used to stop steep slopes and curves on some roadways from freezing!

Still, with all the beauty in this country, I couldn't get over the sites in the city. My favourite way to spend Saturday nights there was in a club called Astro!!! (Guess why.)

I miss Iceland. ;-)


Minka said...

Very nice and oh my god, what´s her name?

Do you mind if I put a link on my post to this people can extend their curiosity ???

What the heck...I just will and then you can be angry with me later :)

I am glad you posted these, so worth it!

I used Tal in my mobile phone :)

brian said...


Just had to stop by on Minka's say so. Love the pictures, I sgree with the penguin, what's her name?? LOL

IDiveAtNight said...

Minka! A link??? *bow* I'm not worthy, but thanks!

Brian, if I had her contact info (1) I'd be back in Iceland, and (2) I wouldn't share! I just remember that she could really dance. *drool*


Cindra said...

Great pictures, and lovely lady company! Thanks for sharing...and lucky for you. I love it there. My hubby and I had a dreamy honeymoon there.

You are too worthy of a link to Minka, silly!

Minka said...

I asked for her name, ´cause I think I know her on a semi-first name basis.
I think I worked with her in a bar downtown 5 years ago or so.
Lisa was her name...this could so be her!

IDiveAtNight said...

Too funny! I'm not at all surprised to hear that you might know her, since everyone I met in Iceland claimed to know everyone else. :-) The girl in question was dancing at Astro about 5 years ago. She and I danced a bit, and then a photographer from Action.IS came by and snapped the posted photo. I'm sorry (very sorry) to report I never knew her name and never got to talk with her. To her I would have just been some sweaty forgein guy who couldn't stop smiling.

neva said...

beautiful pictures... thank you for sharing! (nice addendum to the Penguin's post!)