Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful day. Not precisely blue skies and sunny, but the sun is definitely blinding my eyes right now and that's enough. Actually, it's grey and windy and pretty cold outside. But it's also Sunday and it feels to me as though the entire city is resolved to spend a quiet lazy day.

For me that means getting up and going out for a bit. There are just some places worth going out of your way for. Not for what you can do there, but for what you don't do.

Spending a Sunday afternoon in a cafe is about doing mostly nothing. Sometimes sharing the more interesting aspects of that nothing with the person sitting beside you, other times not. When the cafe is also your local it's a lot like having a much-more-interesting-than-normal living room outside your home. It's as comfortable as (1) turn off the TV, (2) turn on some music, and (3) watch the interesting (and sometimes bizarre) cast of characters move past for your enjoyment.

It's a good thing.


IDiveAtNight said...

Just an update... it's actually bloody cold, super windy, and sunny only between the downpours of rain. Oh well, it's SUNDAY!!! Ciao!

Minka said...


I love people watching too. Especially at airports...very interesting. On non-happening Sundays I would get envelopes and lovely notepaper...go to a coffee place downtown and catch up on my correspondence in an old-fashioned way.
That was before I started blogging and realized it would become so communicative that I had time for little else in taht department.