Monday, December 18, 2006

Laundry, Head Colds, and Jetlag

Honestly, I have some friends who are going to explode if they here another word about my vacation or scuba diving. So how about a short simple post today, discussing the other realities of my world.

Firstly, I'm on the fourth load of laundry that will now allow that part of my life to fall back into a routine. Colours, whites, colours, whites, bedding. Colours, whites, colours, whites, bedding. That last flurry of activity also coincides with the last packing of now dry scuba equipment. My roommate will be glad when there isn't a wetsuit hanging in the living room any more.

For months now I've been predicting the end of my physical energy followed by a time of renewal and rebuilding. In other words, I've felt like I was about to get sick for a long time now. And as of yesterday I accepted I now am. My head is completely congested. I've gone through one whole box of Kleenex in the last 24 hours. And today I feel okay, but definitely still stuffed up. I've only been out (on the town) once since getting home. I've had a couple of long nights of 12-13 hours of sleep in row. And I've gone easy on myself during the days. These have combined to give my immune system the strength it needs to fix months and months of pushing my physical limits. From wrapping up my work in Boston, to the marathon drive home to celbrate Thanksgiving, all the way through to now I've either been too stressed, to busy, or too manic to take the time to rest.

Unlike the flu or some terrible illness, I'm just tired. Stuffed and sneezy and tired. And I know it's just my body saying "enough!" Okay. Christmas is in a week and there'll be all kinds of people in town (Mike, Lies, Alex) who I hope to see after long absences. Rogier (roommate) is already talking about a "little gathering" in the apartment New Year's Eve, and God knows I don't want to be less than 110% for all that!

Thankfully my jetlag has not conspired against me like it did last time. Two days after being back I had to meet the furnace repairman at 8am, and it was no problem. Instead of staying up too late and sleeping until the afternoon (per October) I'm going to sleep early and taking long nights of sleep ending at a decent time in the morning. Almost.

This morning I was up at 9am. But being "sick" I decided it was okay to go back to sleep... which lasted until noon. Could be worse.

So no diving or planning trips or anything exciting today. Just some laundry, maybe a bit of grocery shopping (more Kleenex) and some videos or TV. Thank goodness too. I need a rest and apparently am still not bright enough to realize it on my own.

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