Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Perfect Video!

Hither to, all the posted videos have been mine. But I stumbled across a You Tube video today that's just exactly what I wish I had taken myself. It's underwater footage from the house reef outside Captain Don's Habitat. And set to a BNR song! What's shown here is a small part of the wonder of Bonaire. I hope you enjoy it too.


narcosis in paradise said...

Oh My God....I'm back in Bonaire !!!!! That is an awesome video....Perfect and quite acurate.

IDiveAtNight said...

Follow the original source through You Tube. You'll find other videos (all as good) of other reefs round the island.

Minka said...

hmmI assume diving must include a knowledge of flora and fauna under water, right?
I mean some of that stuff must be poisonous, but not less beautiful :)

IDiveAtNight said...

That's the basics of what's taught. At the lowest level they literaly summerize it as "if it's really ugly or really beautiful is't more likely to be poisonous."

FYI, there's awsome diving in Iceland!