Friday, January 05, 2007

A fresh bed.

Lots of stuff's been going on lately. It's looking to get more interesting soon too. I'm expecting papers regarding the new job tomorrow! And I'm still hoping to hook up for an icy cold Dutch dive any day now.

I joined the gym next door and have been twice so far. My body hurts. And I've had a few nice nights out lately. Particularly last night when the group of us decided to stay out hours past our last trams. Long walks home late at night are good for you.

But of it all... the bed has fresh linens, and that's the best. Because it's bedtime now and I couldn't imagine a more cozy night of sleep than the one ahead. The sheets will be crisp and cold. Aired and fluffed. Entirely unwrinkled, smooth and tucked. And if I may now, they call me, so I depart.

Good night everybody.

[Last night I had a blast, but didn't sleep long. So this is an exercise in positive affirmation applied to a good night's sleep. All is well. All is well.]


Doug said...

Ha ha, Morgan. I should try talking to my sleep.

Minka said...

I actually don´t like fresh bed-linens. I change every two weeks and let whatever kid happens to be visiting jump on it for a bit.
I wish I was kidding ;)
Thumbs up on the gym!