Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I hurt!

Arms, shoulders, back and chest. They all hurt. A lot.

Thankfully I've become an exercise massochist over the years. The stiffness means I did a good job pushing my body (in the gym) and now need rest. So no gym today.

Not much of anything going on today actually. The weather is TERRIBLE and everyone I know is busy with work and such. I've got a shopping list but no desire to freeze travelling all around town. While the pathos around me is saying relax, and my body is screaming the same, my mind has too much energy. Damn this eating well and sleeping right!

After reading a few other blogs I'm seriously tempted to go political and throw some hurrahs to those who are speaking up. But more likely it would be a rant against those still mumbling about holding the line, staying the course, or fighting the evil doers.

I'll simply state, a la Forrest Gump," Evil doers are as evil doers do."

But I also found on another blog a suggestion to write more posts about real stories, ourselves, and our experiences. So maybe later I'll write about either (a) how I started flying when I was 13 years old, or (b) why I'm not in the Air Force. Both purely apolitical.


IDiveAtNight said...

Seriously, suggestions are welcome!

Minka said...

uh...I wanna know about 13 and flying. I can fly too. my dreams though!

IDiveAtNight said...

Yeah! A suggestion!

So the next good (effort put in) story will be about how I started to fly planes when I was 13. :-)

In the "Flying Underwater" post from months back I have already described how I can fly under the waves and how I flew as a kid in my dreams.