Thursday, January 11, 2007

We've gotten through to a human!

Oh My! Something either really good or really bad is about to happen to my Residence Permit situation in Holland!

I've spent a while today going through old papers and providing information to my immigration lawyer. This happens all the time. The IND (dutch immigration authorities) writes a letter and asks for more info, the lawyer asks me, and the IND in turn gets the info and asks more questions. But this time it's different!

My lawyer is not writing letters today. He's gotten in telephone contact to the human handling my case! An unbelievable feat given the layers of beaurocracy involved!

So it seems the decision maker at the IND was working with some incorrect infomation and dates. We've provided the correct dates, and will likely have to provide proof. But at least there's a person determined to sort it through and make a decision. Something the WHOLE system is designed to prevent.

In all honesty, if we (lawyer and I) say we have proof their dates are wrong, I can't see how the descision could come against us. It may not come to pass today. But it looks like my last 18 months of residence permit "confusion" may be coming to an end.

*dance* Yippee!

(Since it's costing legal fees at a rate equivalent to 63 pints of beer per hour I hope the solutions all come quickly! That's a lot of Saturday night's I'll have to give up to afford this.)

This is a photo of the evidence in question. My passport clearly shows I was legal from Oct. 2001, not 2002 as their paperwork shows.


IDiveAtNight said...

2007 is starting as a year of solutions. I'm starting new work, making progress on the Dutch permits, and feel great as a result of plenty of gym excursions. Wow!

Any one else bracing for the brick wall that surely sits around the next corner?

quilldancer said...

Hey, I thought it was past time I paid you a visit. About that brick wall -- I live in fear. So far this year had been too grand.

Monika said...

Ah...the Dtch system seem to have a bit of German blood in it...anything remotely bureaucratic takes a long time, costs a lot of money and needs a lot of proof.
When i moved to iceland, I went to teh immigration office and said: "Hi, I am Monika, can I live here?!" and they said, "sure, sign here please!"

Maybe I shouldn´t advertise this fact :)

IDiveAtNight said...

Hmmm, Iceland. Beautiful place. Reykjavik is warmer than Ottawa. The people are unbelievably friendly, and the women are lovely. Hmmm.

I'm actually surprised the island isn't filled with retired U.S. Air Force personel who fall in love with it and return to stay.

Thankfully the price of beer will keep immigration under control.

IDiveAtNight said...

Immigration Update

Dateline Amsterdam, yesterday afternoon. My lawyer called to report he received a fax stating my case had been closed. All rulings are in my favour and my new 5-year permit should be available soon! Holy camoly!

IDiveAtNight said...

p.s. Minka, did you know that your Blogger "Monika" account has the profile set to unviewable?