Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blogging in Swedish?

You may or may not know, but recently Blogger updated their service so that their toolbars show up in the language appropriate for the country you're in. Meaning to start this post I had to figure out what "New Post" looks like in Swedish. (It's "Nytt inlägg".)

I don't mind. Obviously it's very much cooler (no pun intended) for those living in Sweden. But it is a bit of an issue for travellers. Not that there's a lot of us on indefinite trips.

I wonder what happens when you log in from Switzerland? Are the toolbars in four languages?

I'm also curious to know how many more years it will be before U.S. I.P. addresses just automatically get served in Spanish? :-P I like the idea of Americans embracing Spanish. In the long run it will certainly take some wind out of the sails of French separatists in Canada. Not so special any more, eh?

Sorry, it's going stream of consciousness for me right now. I intended to blog about my day, but honestly, it wasn't so hot a day. Tons 'o technical problems. And I had the joy of teaching a man of didn't understand the phrase," I don't know." Should I have just started making up answers? (No, I'm not a salesman.)

I started physio last week and my doctor told me to lay off the weight lifting for a while. But today there was just no way! Firstly, the hotel gym is spectacular (for a hotel). Secondly, the gym is my primary source of major stress relief. When the cortisol levels get high I like to move large masses of steal around for a while. Endorphins make life okay again.

The food court at the local mall has food from Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon. Am I the only person who understands that these three cultures share 90% of their "traditional ethnic dishes"? Apparently. Pick the one with the shortest line. "I'll take a plate of the shaved meat with garlic sauce please... however you choose to name it."

The greatest problem with the technology of the blog sphere... you can't make comments in a deep "radio announcer" type voice to provide emphasis.

I feel comfortable in Sweden. I mean, for a place where nothing is familiar, I don't understand the language, and I've never been before, I feel really surprisingly comfy here. There's just something about it. A lot like Canada, but without the "we're not Americans" attitude. I haven't heard a single person complain about taxes yet. Surprising!

And that's about it. Like lifting heavy bits of steal up and down, I feel like I just had to ... well ... vomit all my stupid ideas into today's blog. It couldn't be helped. There is no structure or direction in my world today. Just a bitter memory of having to rise this morning when my alarm sounded, and an overwhelming desire to return to sleep.

What's a whelm? Honestly, I don't know.

Hey!!!! Interactive bog activity!!!! Quickly, run to the comments section (yeah, like any one read this far) and post a definition for "whelm" or "being whelmed". (Please, no actual answers.)

Oh, lastly, regarding the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show... "hundy spurndy bourndon" isn't actually Swedish. I was SO disappointed!


quilly said...

argh! I left a comment! I did! I did!

quilly said...

Whelmed -- tepid.

And my first comment was witty and liong and charming and blogger's behavior whelms me on a regular basis.

J. D. said...

Morgan.....????? I know I was behind the door when "knowledge and brain power" were handed out, but, what does it mean when you ask for the definition of a word, then add you don't want the actual meaning? I know what "whelm" (a verb) means. Please tell me your intent or is it whelmed?.....Mom

J. D. said...

Morgan! Morgan.......It makes a difference as to the time of day commenting is done. Last night at one a.m. my thinking ability was on "low". Nine hours later, it's all the way up to medium-low.

whelmed - being thrown from a tree and landing in a deep watering hole.

whelmed - a pill, given by a physician, to bring you out of your shell and feel less depressed.

Is that what "no actual answers" means?.............Mom

I Dive At Night said...

Quily, excellent example setting! Thanks, someone need that.

J.D. you've got it. If you actually look it up (yeah, I did) to be whelmed is to be "submerged in water". "The ship rose with the wave and almost crested the top, but was whelmed at the last moment and sank." But that's not what I want. More like...

Whelmed: The moment you understand the situation but don't yet understand the consequences.

Thus overwhelmed is the moment after that.

narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, Enjoy Bonaire, (well not too much) lol.. Work hard, You're a great diver and I know you will ace the course !! Lots of luck, hugs Wanda

Minka said...

whelmed, wrapped in palm tree leaves.

(I don´t know why!)

Oh and also, the diffrent languages in your blogger profile are just one thing, get to a country, aka Iceland, where you have different letters even, and teh whole keyboard gets messed up. True story.

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, whelming sounds interesting. Is this for cooking rice (like grape leaves) or a version of an exotic fan dance?

Minka said...

put the two together and you have a wonderful evening ;)