Saturday, May 05, 2007


After a lovely few months of 9-5 at the office, I'm beginning a flurry of travel starting tomorrow. I leave home at 9am Sunday to head off to Stockholm for a week of teaching. I return for a week and then leave for my vacation in Bonaire. Two weeks (and hopefully one instructor's certification later) I return home for a week then leave on my birthday, the following weekend, for a week working in London.

That takes me through to mid-June, by which point I should have arranged a trip to Georgia to meet my boss, for the first time.

And right now, after an evening and day of laundry, I'm packed and relatively ready. The toiletries get packed tomorrow morning. Sunday's clothes are laid out and ready to go. I've even remembered the camera with charged batteries. Now hopefully I "remember" to go to bed early tonight and get lots of rest.

A doodle a friend made on a bar coaster one day recently. Finally got round to digitizing and posting it.


quilly said...

Here's wishing you much fun admist the work, and much productiveness admist the fun. Bon voyage.

Oh! And one more thing to remember -- give us a shout if you get the chance.

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Quilly! I hope to have 'net access while away, and pictures to upload once I'm back.

I'm being paid to go to Stockholm! That's hillarious! Sweden has a disproportionate number of Swedish women and I have a weakness for that kinda thing.

J. D. said...

Flying days are happy days.
Your compass moves so many ways.
In Holland, Sweden, London too
Brunettes and Blondes will look for, run Morgan run. (kidding)

That drawing is special. It's you. Originals should be framed. Keep it safe.

Happy landings...........J.D.

Kat said...

Wow, just crept over here from Quilly's, exciting trip coming up Morgan, my fellow chocolate lover. Make sure you mix some fun into all that work.

Minka said... ar ebasically booked until July.
Bugger, and here I thought sending you on a trip to China. I really need to know if golden is the colour of this season...well, I guess I´ll have to find someone else.

happy working and hunting, it seems :)

I Dive At Night said...

Hi Kat, welcome! Was this your first trip here? Choc-on!

Minka, China? Send me? OK! If I lied and said I was a nervous traveller would you hold my hand?