Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paradigm Shift

Things have been unusual lately. I'm moving through the world just slight (ever so very slightly) out of phase with the universe around me. What had appeared to be stable is changing. I'm experiencing a paradigm shift in my reality.

And I'm very excited!

About a year and a half ago, I set some goals for myself, and I started taking little steps. Now, I look behind me and realize I've come so far, I'm in completely uncharted territory. It's scary, but mostly exciting. I feel a sense of disjointedness from the world around me because I'm no longer taking steps. It's more like I'm being carried by a current. A current that is flowing more swiftly all the time.

In October 2005 I took my open water scuba diving course. Yesterday I went to the local dive shop and replaced the wetsuit booties I bought during that course. They have worn out insoles, "just" 127 dives later.

I need the booties for my Instructor course, which I'm leaving for on Saturday. Of course the goal is to instruct! And before ever leaving for the course I have my first job opportunity. The manager of the local dive shop wants me to drop by after my course to talk about work. So my summer could easily be filled with weekend after weekend of underwater fun!

And that's just exactly what I need to get me through office life during the week. Two more friends leave the company this week. People are quitting and changing jobs all around. It's a fun place with nice people, but the people are changing so quickly that I realize my "joie de travail" is itself an unstable and temporary thing.

And yet if I'm going to be spending my weekends working as a professional diver, building experience for my eventual transition to a tropical abode, it will all be good. So I drift by strangely unaffected by things around me.

All that I know is every thing is changing. I'm not sure where it will end up. But I feel good about the direction it's going.


J. D. said...

Morgan...An optomistic person, such as yourself, usually sees excitement in transition. That's an excellent way to look to the future. As you often say, "It's all good!"...........Mom

Irene Bons said...

I won't have any time to do this tomorrow, so it's a bit early: have a good flight and a great stay in Bonaire !!! And maybe we dan FINALLY meat for drinks after you get back ???? I certainly hope you'll keep blogging from there.....

Big hug,

Irene Bons said...

This is cool ! When I entered my reaction there were 0 others, and when I placed it I saw that your mom had been typing hers at exactly the same time !! I knew that we sometimes think alike, but I didn't know I had that same thing with your mother.......

Again, have a great time and I hope to see you soon !!


narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, I wish you great success in Bonaire, with the IDC course. Hope to see you in November. Kisses.... o

quilly said...

Morgan, when your goals take on a life of their own, you know you're on the right track!

Theresa said...

It's great that you are following your dream. I'd like to do that with computer programming, web page design, etc., but at 38, with 3 kids, it's a big step. Maybe I'll follow your example and throw myself into it to see what happens, even if it means starting from scratch.

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Mom.

And Irene too for the well wishes. The flights in just 11 more hours. (Hi to Vinny.)

Wanda, it's all on track. Now just lots of studying to do and water to choke on and hopefully it'll go very well. :-)

Thanks Quilly. It's wonderful to watch it all happen!

Theresa, it's lots of little steps rather than any one big one. Like me signing up for this course 4 months ago. Signing up was the easiest part!

Theresa said...

I started by tweaking my blog template, and getting a book on xhtml and CSS for Mother's Day. (Pretty weird present, huh.)

Minka said...

Sometimes, going with teh flow, works otu nice to. From afar it seems to be a good wave that is carrying you...just make sure you are safe and it should be worth a ride.

theresa, you are doing greta things with your newest computer knowledge...I ahve been watching...i alsways love to know where I cna go and ask quetsions :)