Monday, June 11, 2007

All booked!

The weather in Casablanca, Morocco:

Uhm, what? I thought I was going to a north African desert in the summer time. Apparently not? I know Casablanca is right on the coast, but wow. 90210 weather. And by the time the rain arrives on Friday, I'll be back home and well rested.

It turns out my reason for going is a 2pm meeting on Wednesday. So definitely not more than 3 hours, and probably 2 hours long or less. I've got Tuesday evening and Wednesday to explore. And while I have to be up early Thursday for my flight, at least I'll be home (and done work for the day) early.

Oh, and the Croatia flights are now booked too!

In both cases the hotels are efficient for business, not tourist pleasure. But it'll be nice to at least have been to two exciting new destinations. Camels probably won't figure prominently. Neither will diving. But if nothing else, it's about 7 working days out of 10 that I won't have to be in the office!


quilly said...

Did you know that OC and I are spending about 7 weeks in the San Juan Islands? Oc has to work. I, however, will be on vacation. Life is a beach.

narcosis in paradise said...

perfect diving weather Morgan, you lucky dog. I'm diving on Thursday, and hopefully will have a steady group date with a few local divers. Help some newbies at the quarry as well. I rather enjoy that , especially the look on their face at 35' when they "get it" what a rush !!