Saturday, June 16, 2007

Allergies makes for better home care.

It's sad but true. I keep my home clean because too much dust kills me. I would happily use dust piles to leave notes for my roommate (like," Clean Me") but I can't. I can't wait.

In Morocco something hit my allergies harder than I expected. And I wasn't taking the daily medicine that takes 3 days to fully work. So by the time I had spent some time at home, in the dust that has built up in the past month of travel, my head was completely blocked. I looked sick, yesterday at work. And I was going to get sicker if I didn't attack the dust bunny army.

And I was going to get sicker if I did attack the dust.

But today I braved it. It takes a long time to get all the window blinds. Twenty three million tiny horizontal slats; each laughing with the certainty I wouldn't have the patience to clean them all. They laugh no longer.

The army of dust morphed into an air force, and certainly did it's best to attack from all directions. But today was a cool humid stormy day, with strong windows. The brief rays of sunshine showed my enemies being lifted up to and out the window with remarkable efficiency.

But with hardship comes reward. My place is shiny! (Largely due to the roommates absence, but...) And I can intermittently hear through my left ear. Lovely! My head is clearing. Clearing through my nose; but clearing.

I'll wake up tomorrow and be thankfully for the price paid today.


quilly said...

Do not move to Nevada. When the wend blows the entire state becomes airborne.

I Dive At Night said...

Don't worry, I have places in mind where land is the exception to the water, rather than say... Nevada.