Friday, June 08, 2007

Okay, June is full.

Wow, it didn't take too long for life to get busy again. I'm still waking up jetlagged and tired each morning, but that hasn't stopped my schedule from filling up.

Tonight I'm off to the pool. My first outing with Scuba Center Amsterdam. They'll bring a tank, I'll bring all my equipment, and for one hour tonight I'll be playing in the rented pool. Very cool! The only trouble is, I should just barely have enough time to get home from work, get my gear packed, and get on a bus for the 45 minute trip to the pool.

But that's not busy. Real busy is the business travelling that my employer wants me to do. London's trip is cancelled. For me. The boss will be there next week, but I was to stay in Holland. Now suddenly (Thursday night after 5pm) a customer *needs* someone there Tuesday for a meeting.

So suddenly I'm flying to Casablanca next Tuesday, returning Wednesday night or Thursday.

The week after I will be three days in Zagreb Croatia. I thought the Croatia trip, planned earlier this week, was a short notice thing. But I guess we're trying to explore new definitions for "last minute". Who plans international business meetings with two working days notice?!?

Worst of all, I'd love to have time to dive and relax in these places. But with short 2-3 day trips, and my credit cards still being warm from Bonaire, diving isn't practical. *sigh*

So I think I should enjoy my weekend at home. Because I'm going to be travelling most of the next month.


quilly said...

Well, with all your jetting around the country try not to forget we exist. And try not to worry your mother. Oops. Too late.

J. D. said...

Hi Morgan...So, you're going to Casablanca. How nice for you! I watched that movie again this past week. See if there is a "Rick's Bar" there. Or better still, open one. It would do a great business.

And, have they stopped all that nasty fighting in Croatia? Well, that will be interesting for you.

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Anonymous said...



Irene said...

Hi there !! I was up early and hoped to be the first, but anonymous beat me to it:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has it already been a year since I sent you a card at your hotel in the States ?? Your new job sounds far more interesting !! I'm rather jealous you're going to Croatia, I hope you have time to see a bit or the country, it's really pretty !! And to ease your mom: no, the fighting has stopped years ago as far as I know, I've been there on holiday 3 times and nothing happened...... O, and of course congratulations to your mom too !!!

J. D. said...

Hi Irene...Thanks! I've always thought since the mother went through all the work, she should get the gifts, not the kid, who just laid there and slept:-)

Irene said...

Hi j.d. (or Morgans mom),

Thanks for the message! And I think you're totally right, by the way. O, I decided to take a look at your blog yesterday, and I saw the part about the breadbaking machine. I've had one for 2 months know, and I haven't bought a bread since. If you ever want any receipes or tips, just let me know !! Greetings, Irene

Minka said...

well, in iceland we congratualet the parents as well as the kid on a child´s birthday...translated it goes soemthign like:
"Congratualtions with your son/daughter/dog...."

happy birthday Morgan, maybe in July you cna fit me in for some coffee in downtown Amsterdam....

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, it's a deal! Email the flight times and I'll meet you at the airport. :)

Minka said...

actually, i won´t have to fly...I´ll be about one and a half hour train-ride away from you in July and I always wanted to see Amsterdam. So I thought I could combine that with not having coffee alone, and that´s where you come in! Besides, you know the city ;)

just a thought though!

I Dive At Night said...

Wonderful! I give a good tour and fussy over quality coffee.

Have you got my email through your gmail account?

Minka said...

no, I don´t think I can contact me ;)

Minka said...

that´d be awesome...I´ll look forward to it. I expect a grand tour, royality that I imagine myself to be! ;)

I Dive At Night said...

I've started studying local history already. :-)