Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

*panting* Oh hi there! Good to see you, but I can't stop for long. I'm literally running amok trying to get it all done. As you know, it never all gets done. But I'm trying.

So yeah, tons of diving, thanks. It's been awesome. Friday, Sunday last week, Thursday, Friday, Sunday next.

Belgium. Yup, just for a night, but I leave tomorrow.

Oh really? Great to hear you stopped by. Sorry, yea, that was an old post. New ones are taking backseat to the 3 projects at work and my new passion for emailing lately. Oh don't worry, I'll be blogging as soon as I feel my mind has returned. Been running around so much I've left it behind somewhere.

Oh good to hear. Yeah, I'm sorry I missed that {birthday, wedding, graduation, party} but I'll make it up to you, some how.

Well yeah, it was great to see you again! Okay, until then.

*runs off into the distance* (Quietly repeating," amok amok amok.")


J. D. said...

Well, Morgan...Running IS good exercise. (as if you need more:-) But, "running AMOK"? Not so good! Maybe next week before you go to Copenhagen, you will get some time to relax.....Mom

neva said...

"hello... goodbye". works for me! ; )

Minka said...

Well there wa san opening of an envelope here two days ago, which you did not attend. But I'll be fine :)
Tun, run...you gonna miss your plane...oh and ummm...you forgot to pack socks!

I Dive At Night said...

Happy envelope opening day!

Believe me when I say I do wish I was there for that event.