Saturday, September 29, 2007

Damn, they're trying to kill me!

As a dive instructor I'm heavily insured. The greatest fear (and most common joke) is returning with one fewer student than you start with. But honestly, the danger is for the instructor more than the student. And yesterday I was reminded of that.

We spent last evening in the pool, finishing the last of the pool training dives. I demonstrated 2 variations of the Scuba Unit R&R skill. That's the removal and replacement of your scuba gear (buoyancy vest and tank), while underwater. On the second go, my right arm snagged. My wrist-worn dive computer caught the shoulder strap and the motion of trying to lift the unit over my head and onto my back instead twisted the strap about my wrist. Mildly embarrassing. But.

Just as I was about to undo the motion and free my arm one of my students rushed forward. From his perspective it looked like the reason my demonstration had stopped was that my snorkel was caught in the buoyancy vest. So he pulled it loose. And pulled my mask off in the process.

Now I wasn't happy, but it gets better! Apparently the jerk to my face, which was already at the very end of my regulator's hose, was enough to half pull the regulator out of my mouth, and that change in pressure was in turn enough to cause my reg to free-flow. So suddenly I found myself underwater entangled, mask-less, and with a regulator delivering hurricane force air to my mouth.

I looked down for my mask but could see nothing through the cloud of bubbles. I learned (as all do) how to breath from a free-flowing regulator in my initial scuba training. And as part of that training we all learn how to do without a mask. And I know how to handle underwater entanglements. I've never conceived of all three at once!

Bloody students are trying to kill me!

Clearly I'm well. In fact after a brief breath at the side of the pool (not easy to get to) I carried on with the lesson as if nothing had happened.

Today we went out for the students' third open water dive and the same student punched me in the mask. He felt really bad afterwards but I told him that after yesterday's training, a little water in my mask was nothing!

Overall, pretty embarrassing at the pool, but also sorta kinda funny. And a whole lot of fun!


quilly said...

All these "accidents" leave me wondering who your insurance pays out to. It wouldn't go to that particularly "helpful" student, would it?

J. D. said...

OMG! Morgan! I'm so glad we have the same sense of humour. All I could think of was the "Keystone" Divers and I LOL. Every unplanned incident must add to your confidence. *smiles* if you need more. I've cherished your confident attitude since you were a child. In this case, since you're telling the story ALL IS WELL!!! Huge hugs.....Mom

Charline said...

Hey Mo. How does it *really* work? 2 incidents all is fine... 3 strikes student doesn't make it back from a dive? LOL! Glad you're enjoying yourself.

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, the insurance only pays if they get hurt. Although people have suggested they may have taken out a different policy.

Mom, glad you see the fun in it!!!

Char! How long have you been lurking from Ottawa? Welcome! Great to see you. What's new?

Charline said...

The recesses of your wandering..and oft meandering consciousness have always been of great fascination to me as far back as Clearnet parties. :-)The ones on your blog I discovered a few weeks ago.. Gives me something to read while I'm uploading to my photoblog.

I Dive At Night said...

*bow* Thanks Char.

Yep, never been normal, never wanted to be. LOL!

Minka said...

Wow...that's a bit more entangled than one like sot be any given day. I guess, not to panic is the most important part when coming close to check the rest of your lung capacity:)

Glad you made it back safely to the side of the pool.

keep the dude furthest away from you!

I Dive At Night said...

Life comes with entanglements. This is just a fact. But hopefully few of them are underwater.

I feel I have to separate the dude from his brother the other dude, so I swim between them. Thus the punch the next day.