Monday, September 03, 2007

Felix, you maniac!

My old coworker and brother in crazy, Felix, is coming to Amsterdam in a few weeks. But the title isn't for him. It's for hurricane Felix who had to nerve to scare people in the Dutch Antilles!

These two photos are stolen from CNN. The radar shows Felix in the Caribbean Sea very shortly after passing the ABC's (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao).

I think everyone will remember that Bonaire has stolen a place in my heart. You can still see small areas of reef damaged in 1997. Only tiny bits of coral and the occasional anemone inhabit the areas of broken, bleached coral. So thank you Felix for not hitting the island again, but gosh, that was a bit close.

Flooding, winds, and rains did their worst but the destruction is by no means hurricane level.

I can learn a lot from CNN. The storms just missed, streets flooded, no one died. But where do I go for up to the minute coral news??? I'm going to have to email people there directly to find out.


Minka said...

I know that Bonaire has a piece of you, let's hope by the time you finally get there, there's still a piece of it left for you to enjoy. I'd predict that the corals ar just fine, a bit upset and scared, but they'll make it. Also, 14 rocks have shifted to the left of reef number 35 and now represent teh formation of a troll!

I Dive At Night said...

Divesite #35
is called "Eighteen Palms" and while I've been past it, I haven't been diving there.

Now I can't wait to see the troll!

J. D. said...

Our thoughts have been with Bonaire also. (I bet Wanda was a little worried too.)......Mom

narcosis in paradise said...

Mom, I knew they'd be ok, it's so rare that they get hit since those islands are out of the hurricane belt. I can't wait for that trip, so many friends of mine are going I think we are going to take over the resort !!! woo hoo