Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Greetings from Copenhagen!

With only four hours sleep behind me, I managed to get my plane this morning. Thank goodness for auto-pilot. Not on the plane, but the one inside my head that makes it possible to shower and dress before my eyes are fully open.

Alas, there's nothing here in Copenhagen for me to see. Once again, my hotel is in a business park close to the airport and no where really near the downtown. But apparently I'm close to the trade show I'll be attending tomorrow. 11 hours of manning a booth and "trying" to sell software.

I say "trying" and not trying because I don't sell. I have no idea why I was invited to attend and I'm here with semi-functional software demos that are completely unrelated to the new software my company is releasing in 2 weeks. Futile? Oh yeah!

Oh well, at least now I can add Denmark to the "been there, done that" list. Well, "been there" at least.


Doug said...

Being and doing. Why quibble?

J. D. said...

Hi Morgan.....I just spent a few minutes at Wanda's, scolding her for even THINKING of cave diving.

Hey, you better speak (sweetly) to the travel co-ordinator. How are we all, out here, going to enjoy the far-off places you travel, if you can't show us pictures of the architecture or the Little Mermaid?

quilly said...

I'll bet your pass port is colorful even if the scenery you're offered isn't.

I Dive At Night said...

Doug, just being here isn't enough. If that were true every one who's ever transferred through Heathrow could say they understand British culture. Not true!

Mom, cave diving is extremely dangerous if not properly trained. With training, it's only mostly dangerous.

Pictures are now posted, per your request.

Quilly, thanks for reminding me, I need to renew it soon. I have 26 pages full of stamps now. :) My first passport had 1 stamp in it.

neva said...

hey, it beats a sharp stick in the eye. and Quilly's right, you may not "have" Denmark, but at least you can boast one kick-ass passport (sure as hell better than mine!) ; )

I Dive At Night said...

Neva, people with full passports can be recognized by the dark marks under their eyes and the extra wrinkles and grey hair.

"Going through the airport" should be an olympic sport.

I Dive At Night said...

And because this was a trip within Europe, there was no passport stamp... or even a check.

Minka said...

My passport has two stamps, both of them from the US :)Considering I have been in Portugal, Geramny and Danmark, let alone Holland in teh last year...I guess Europeans just trust me more :)

I Dive At Night said...

Given the choice, I would think you look a bit shifty and need to be searched. ;)