Saturday, September 08, 2007


Over the past year You Tube (and Google Videos and the rest) have started to become a legitimate form of entertainment for me. I've had nights where the online videos were more interesting than anything on TV and even once when I shunned one of my all time favourite shows in favour of the online offerings.

Some of the most common searches I make involve music. An old song is in my head... 30 seconds later its playing on my computer. Woohoo! I see a song title on TV, moments later, I'm watching the video. Here's an example of three I've visited often.

Bob Marley is classic. But this particular video uses a techno'd-up, Euro-beat remix. After back-to-back listening with the original, I chose to post this one. Toe tapping. Titled "Sun is Shining" you might know it better by the lyrics "I'm a rainbow too." This song makes me happy.

Fatboy Slim is also techno. But good luck pinning his work down more than that. I like everything Fatboy Slim has done. But I'm too lazy to buy more albums. All the best stuff is available on You Tube!

While slightly dark, I love this video because of the airplane and the pilot who goes nuts. Lucky bugger.

Watskeburt? It's hard to explain, but this Dutch slang means "what's happening?" in the way that "s'up?" means "good evening gentlemen, what news is there to share?" De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig are a local Amsterdam band. I recognize most of the backgrounds in this video. Make no mistake, the song is complete crap! But it has a certain catch to it that made Mambo #5 and works of similar quality into hits.

[Bad language alert... not Mom friendly.]

Standing back and looking at this collection I notice a trend. While from different countries (Jamaica, UK, and Holland) and spanning 40 years (70's, 90's and 00's) they're all dance songs. Perhaps I should take next weekend and spend a few hours on a dance floor?


J. D. said...

Bob Marley...aaahhh, Jamaica!!!

Bird of Prey...beautiful video. I especially like the laugh of excitement and joy at the end. I KNOW that you have felt that way, flying, jumping and diving....Mom

I Dive At Night said...

Exactly! :-) Manic/maniacal laughter from the pure thrill of living. I loved the skydiving bit too... twisting, twirling... not the kinda stuff you normally associate with "bailing out".

Aaah, Jamiaca. My favourite place of all the places I've never been.

neva said...

wowza, Morgan! i'm seeing a whole new side to you. not that the sides you've shared thus far aren't great, but this is a terrific and wonderfully entertaining element. GREAT tunes! and i completely agree that some of the most interesting stuff out there is on YouTube.

i lovelovelove Fatboy Slim, but i confess to having a different reaction than most might to the second video. chalk it up to the loss of a beloved parent (test pilot for the Navy) back in 1960. still, i suspect even he would have enjoyed -- and yes, approved -- of the imagery.

well done and thanks for the grand time! : )

Minka said...

wow...eclectic are we?!

Loved it.

Bob Marley...of course.

Fatboy Slim is gran almost every single time.

The Dutch song reminded me a lot of Eminem in teh beginning. Is it just me?

Minka said...

grand....I meant to type grand.

nevermind :)

quilly said...

My musical education is seriously lacking ... maybe. Maybe not. These are dance tunes? Oh, and that last dude needs his mouth washed out with soap!

I Dive At Night said...

Neva, OMG I'm sorry to hear that! But I'm glad you enjoyed the music. Having spent the first 19 years of my life entirely dedicated to becoming a test pilot, both the video and your story are dear to me.

Minka, htanks! :) Eminen? Angry young white guy using rap music to rage against anything that rhymes, while using great beats and tracks in the background? Yeah, I see it.

As for eclectic, yesterday I went by the record shop and picked up Jimi Hendrix (finally), Bob Marely, and Marilyn Manson CDs. HUH?

Quilly, that's hillarious. Yup, that's dance music. And yes, glad you got all the english words... that's why the post was marked with the "Bad language alert". Or did that get intrepreted as "Dutch"?

True story... the Dutch are very tolerant of language. Like elsewhere, you can't swear at a police officer, but in Holland it's only wrong if you use Dutch. GDMFSOB in English will just get you a bad look. Perhaps even a smile.