Sunday, October 14, 2007

And Now I'm Home Too

It's only midnight at my parents' in Canada, but past 6am back here in Holland. Deep into the middle of my journey of jet lag, I was done my journey of jet yesterday after an 18 hour door to door trip.

This time round the 6.5 hour flight was extended to 9.5 hours instead. KLM gave us a tour of Canada before finally sending us on our way to Holland. It was an unbelievable disappointment when I heard the Captain's announcement about "turning to go back to Toronto". Having been in the air for an hour already, and flying some where roughly near Montreal, some type of mechanical problem regarding on-board water necessitated the plane turning back for repairs. An hour out, that same hour back, and an hour on the ground. We remained in our seats the whole time. And so once we finally set out for our trans-atlantic flight I was already uncomfortable.

Big thanks to Diesel! Your book, Antisocial Commentary, kept me laughing out loud throughout the flight! There were times I was crying from laughing too hard. When ever I wasn't wandering the cabin, eating, or watching the movie I was convulsing with laughter and that made the marathon plane experience so much easier.

Alas, after roughly 35 trips across the Atlantic ocean now, I've never slept on a plane. So taking off at 6pm from Toronto (the first time) and landing at Schiphol at 10:30am meant I missed Friday night and went straight into a sunny Saturday.

After staying up as long as possible (to 8pm) I've now slept 10 hours and have awoken on a cycle entirely reversed from where I was yesterday. No. Not yesterday, Friday. One extra-long 29 hour day ago. Two days ago. I don't know.

While never fun to travel, it is of course nice to be home. And now a sunny day is just minutes away from starting as the horizon turns pink. I think that means it's time to brew some coffee.


Further: The old saying is that the early bird gets the worm. Having watched sunrise I noticed it is actually the water fowl who were flying first. Ducks, geese, and swans took to the sky while it was still dark. Song birds waited until significantly later. So I propose that it actually should be "The early bird gets the fish."


quilly said...

You are home and OC has packed his bags and gone away -- however not quite as far as you went. Still, when I just spoke to him on the phone he was groggy from almost 39 hours without sleep. He just can't sleep while traveling. That's bad when he left home at right about what should have been his bedtime and went straight from the airport to a business meeting where he thinks he may have slept through his own presentation .....

I Dive At Night said...

LOL! Poor OC! I know how he feels, and will feel later today.

I thought to myself, do I know anyone any where in the blogworld who's actually awake right now? And then I thought, Quilly! It's still last night in Hawaii. :-)

neva said...

well i, for one, and happy to know you're safe and sound, young Morgan! and, as i said below, i was SO SORRY to know your mom was ill, and very relieved to think she's doing better, now. hopefully she'll STAY that way! ; )

Quilly: sigh... i think of you in Hawai'i and i just smile. as you know, it's my favorite spot on the planet. hopefully you'll be reunited with your honey in all good time! that said, there are far worse places to be when missing someone you love... (or so i imagine) ; )

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Neva. Especially for that extra generous use of the word "young". :-)