Friday, October 26, 2007

Something gets completed

Wow, finishing something. It sure feels good! I've said recently that I have many things on the go, and that I'm spending a lot of time waiting before I can continue on many of my projects. My passport / travel issues are messed up. Work is busier than ever and filled with undone action items. I'm travelling in 6 days to Denmark and don't have tickets yet. And of course life isn't slowing down in the least. But today, my open-water diving students "graduated"!

Congratulations to Jasper and Sjoerd! You both worked really hard, did well at all the tasks and skills presented to you, and now you've both passed your quizes and tests.

Their log books are signed. Their paperwork will be into PADI by next week. And as of this afternoon, they're scuba divers. I think the only person who could possibly be more excited than either of the two new divers (or their dad) is the new instructor who now has his first certifications done. Woohoo, finally another step has been completed!


J. D. said...

Morgan.....Congratulations to you and the boys. I'm aware of all the scheduling problems you had to overcome. You all must be thrilled to have completed this big step with all still around to tell the story. (These are the students who tried to kill you, aren't they?:-) Sept. 29 post....Way to go!!!...Love, Mom

J. D. said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! LOL!!

I never really got around to reading your early '06 blogs...until today. I LOVED them! After reading "Is this Balance?" Sept.07, your comment had me (figuratively) rolling on the floor. It may keep me up way too late, but I'm taking my computer upstairs tonight to continue the fun reading:-) Hope I don't keep your Dad or the neighbours awake with the hoots and howls your sence of humour causes me to expel and snort involuntarily. Hee-hee-hee-hee!!! ...Mom

J. D. said...

Just me again. *apologies* ..... "...wave after wave of dust-bunny soldiers storming the (vacuum) nozzle." "This city is about a feeling." Your jet-lag clock...All WOWs!
I'm going to stop now. *smiles and chuckles*

quilly said...

Congrats to you and your students! You're well on your way to your goal of becoming a permanent beach bum! (Wait. That sounds wrong ....)

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, I'm so happy that (1) even the old stuff sometimes gets read and (2) you're finding it funny! But uhm, honestly, between your comments and Minka's (previous post) I'm becoming more self-conscious of my writing. Hehe ooops. I'll trying to be wandering-conscious instead.

Quilly, which part sounds wrong? Oh, I know, I use the term "Professional Beach Bum". You were very close.

Minka said...

Congratulations to both divers and their teacher. I bet you did an outstanding job, patient and organzied. Nobody's all good :)

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, you just read four posts straight. I think that's part credit for the course.

I'm very very proud of the nobody died part. And few life threaten events were had.