Friday, October 19, 2007

Sort of waiting

I'm trained in a few things. Experienced in others. Gifted in one of two ways. But one grace, it seems, will always allude me. I don't wait well.

Okay, I can appear patient. Really though, if I'm waiting, I'm probably doing it by doing something else. If I'm waiting for a bus I'm actually planning my day, listening to music and having a cigarette just to have something (anything) to do. Now is a good example. I'm working on Friday afternoon but there is very little work I can actually do. I have plans for dinner tonight, but that's still hours away. So I'm waiting. And I do that, apparently, by blogging.

Getting things done requires a lot of waiting. So it's handy to have many things on the go at once. But even with all the projects I juggle, it feels that right now I'm waiting. I've got meetings, training and all kinds of work... starting Monday. I'm super anxious to visit a friend in Copenhagen... in just 2 weeks. I've got an interesting trip to Malaysia and Singapore planned... next month. I've even got plans for diving this weekend, but that won't be until Sunday afternoon. And after that dive, a lot of my regular buddies will be backing out, waiting until spring and sun again.

Some where a wise man is sitting under a tree. Just sitting. Very patiently waiting. And perhaps he'll wait tomorrow and the next day and the waiting won't bother him a bit. If I was told to wait three days under a tree then by the end of the first day I would have fashioned crude wooden tools from the lower branches. By the end of day two I'd have used the tools to fell the tree and split the wood into planks. By day three I'd have the tree turned into a small shelter with a large bonfire in front. And then I'd probably be told that the tree was magical and now, after my 3-day wait, would grant my wildest wishes.... but uhm, hey, where did the magical tree go?

Hopefully wise men who sit under magical (or otherwise) trees have the sense not to trust impatient people with important things.


Minka said...

That last paragraph was so brilliant, it wow-ed me.
Love that image!

I am studying and bloggign at teh same time, I don't wanna say where I put teh emphasis though :)

J. D. said...

Morgan, Dear..........Don't worry about impatience. It's not a cardinal sin. You have lots of other, Mom

Hi Minka.....Thank you for the "get well" wishes. They are working:-), Judy

Diesel said...

"If I was told to wait three days under a tree then by the end of the first day I would have fashioned crude wooden tools from the lower branches."

That's brilliant. And I'm SO like that, too. I can't ever just do NOTHING. Which explains why I'm writing a novel, working on a master's degree, building a time-entry web application, building a house, and thinking about learning how to play the guitar.

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, *blush* , your praise falls on red ears. Study enough to pass. Blog with what's left, please.

Mom, my cardinal sins don't get mentioned in 'this' blog. And IMHO yes, you are doing well and it's great!

Diesel, *bow* , having recently finished your (first) book I'm honoured just to have you drop by. May I say I've considered (sort of) your tips in how to write a better blog? May I also say "Bush?" really? Holy [deleted]... WTF?!?

Charline said...

The fact that you'd stay under the tree long enough to fashion tools does show some patience and some waiting.

I would have walked away after the first 2 minutes.."What do you mean WAIT for 3 days? Wait for what? why? If whatever can be revealed under a tree, it can be revealed just as easily while I'm waiting in a pub or cafe." It's easier to wait surrounded by friends and enjoying a refreshing beverage or reading a book!

Nessa said...

You are very wise.

There is no such thing as waiting time: reading time, fantasizing time, to-do list time, journaling time...

I Dive At Night said...

Char, you said "What do you mean WAIT for 3 days? Wait for what? why?" but never mentioned once "magic tree?"

Imagine it's a reality TV show and if you do as your told you might win a million dollars.

Nessa, the magic tree was very wise. I simplied listened well. Then I turned it into furniture. Very wise furniture.

quilly said...

Morgan -- waiting is all about timing, and you timed the punchline in your blog post perfectly. Well done.