Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Still Haven't Seen Titanic

Maybe it's all the travelling. Maybe it's because I hate Hollywood hype. Probably a lot of it is to do with Leonardo DiCaprio. Either way, I still haven't watched Titanic. Who would want to be "King of the world?" That sounds like way too much work.

I'm hoping to conquer the smaller details of my own life, not fix (or exacerbate) the problems of the whole world.

One of the bigger problems in my world is groceries. I'm having a wonderful, warm, cozy and relaxed weekend at home. But I'm almost out of food. Do I really have to go out into the cold, windy, grey winter?

Maybe I could call all my friends and remind them they are coming here tonight for a pot-luck dinner? If I convince them they simply forgot, perhaps I can have food brought to me.

I know I can order food from the same grocery store via the web, and have it delivered to home. But that comes with extra costs and I am slowly becoming more Dutch. Not even rain could inspire me to pay more for groceries.

So I've got a choice. Do I get busy shopping or busy crying? Do I dress in my warmest and step outside to do the groceries, or do I put on my coziest and plug Titanic into the DVD player?

Oh well. I'd love to sit and be lazy. But I'm running low on Kleenex, totally out of chocolate, and in no mood to put up with Titanic. If you'll excuse me, it's time to go out and "enjoy" winter.


Adam in A'dam said...

Hey, I have Titanic. Thought it was a great flick. Let's watch it sometime.

Charline said...

Don't forget the joy of listening to Celine Dion screech out that annoying song from the Titanic Movie. AAAARRRGGGHHH That alone would inspire me to go do groceries.

I Dive At Night said...

Adam, I've got it too. Still not reason enough to watch it.

Thank you Charline, that's a reason not to watch it. Not that I "remember" that joy, but thanks for the warning. Celine Dion is like Kryptonite for Canadians.

quilly said...

Morgan, I saw the Titanic in a movie theater with a group of friends. There were eight of us. We entered the theater talking and laughing. As we were leaving the theater I was crying copiously. My friend Shelia snapped at me, "For heaven's sake, Charlene, it's just a movie. Jack and Rose aren't real. Get over it." I responded, "Jack and Rose aren't real, but the Titanic was. Real people really died that way."

I was upset for three days after watching that movie and had horrible nightmares for a couple of weeks. As far as I am concerned the Titanic is a horror movie. By all means, go shopping and skip the ordeal.

I Dive At Night said...

Well, I really just didn't appreciate the marketing hype and being told that I *had* to see it. So I haven't. But I don't enjoy horror films, so there's yet another reason to avoid it.

Minka said...

I am gonna be hugely unpopular for a second, but I ahve seen Titanic many times. I love that movie and I realize that it is not the cool approach people try to have after a movie has come and gone. I second Quilly, it is based on real stuff, shows the greed of humanity, social has so many aspects...basing it on a greasy Leo and a bare-breasted Kate is over-simplyfying the entirety of teh film.
I got you with bare-breasted, didn't I?!

check it out, in one of your moon cycles. I think you are man enough to like it!

I Dive At Night said...

Now this is the information I needed to hear when people were talking about the love story and the special effects. Next time you're on the continent let's watch Titanic. You can explain to me the nuances that the movie trailers totally missed.

Minka said...

It's a deal! I'll show you my favorite parts and explain why they are really good :)

I Dive At Night said...