Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Plans for the "Big" Move

In less than four weeks, I'm moving. Okay, not far. Not, for example, as far as "all the way out of the apartment". I am moving across the hall... from one bedroom to another. (To the BIG bedroom.) And for this there is a surprising amount of stuff to do.

On his way out, Rogier is taking his phone number with him. Indeed the whole phone contract. And with the phone line, goes the ADSL (Internet service) which he's also planning to use at his new place. Lastly, the cable is in his name, and so scheduled to be disconnected.

I'm also going to need to buy some furniture and some home items. The dish towels are his. The couch is his. Rogier will certainly be taking his table and chairs with him. And so on and so forth. What I refuse to live without for a week or a day is access to my telephone, TV, and Internet. Uhm, No!

But we live in a beautiful world. Instead of three bills, I have arranged for these three critical services to be delivered by my local cable TV company. A "Triple Play Bundle", as it's known in the industry. So I'll be able to connect one box to one cable and from there connect my computer, telephone, and TV. Isn't technology wonderful?!?

And now the question... will these services be activated in just the four weeks that remain? Having placed my order through a website interface, I have no "installation date", no email confirmation, and no clue what to expect next. So will technology be wonderful to me? Will a box arrive by mail and work as soon as I plug it into the wall? Or have I just started down a fool's path by putting all my trust in a single company? Let's see.


quilly said...

Morgan, I had the triple service bundle in LV and I have it here. We like it. Here we even have wifi so we can be anywhere in the house and use internet -- and we can both be on at once.

I Dive At Night said...

Hi Quilly! I once had this same bundle from the same cable company. It wasn't perfect, but close, and years later I can only imagine it's even better.

I just can't wait for my 6 Mbps service! 6 times faster than the "broadband" connection I'm using now. And HDTV!

Charline said...

It'll be installed some day, some week between 8am and 5pm....Hope the service is better than Rogers!

Theresa said...

We get TV and internet by cable too, and it works pretty well...most of the time. It's a subsidized thing offered by the government, so it's not too fast, but it's cheap. Hope yours is installed soon, and that it works okay.

I Dive At Night said...

I hope so too! And mine will be fast. Hopefully. It certain doesn't feel subsidized!