Sunday, November 18, 2007

South-East Asia Followup

Honestly, it all seems like a fast blur to me now. I'm trying to recall details of my "week" in Asia, and although it was only 2 days ago that I returned it is difficult. So I've taken advantage of access to photoshop and seeing my pics on the big screen at home. Here are a few stories in picture form, to make up for the lack of verbal acuity.

The food was special. Most of the time it could give you an opinion itself. They call that "fresh" although my stomach and brain often rebelled against the "fresh" hot innards dripping out as my fingers fought to remove bits of shell, legs, and heads.In Singapore, I also found the night images far more breathtaking than those of the day. Here's my hotel and some of the things to see just outside it.

I thought it was cool how these lamps looked completely different depending on the angle. The mosque was interesting from every angle.

I'm really surprised by some of the photos possible through a camera phone!

And last, but not least, many aspects of my time were dominated by thoughts of Starbucks. For those not in the know, Starbucks has for years now produced a collection of collector mugs. Every major city in the world that has an outlet has a collector's mug available there an no where else.

A friend's friend is collecting... all of them. And so I was tasked to pick up some of the local varieties while away. For example, I'm really happy with my Kuala Lumpur (new edition) mug as pictured here. I came back with one bag more than I had left with and it was packed full with 6 new mugs.

FYI, I think I've now started to collect these silly things. So far I have one from Singapore, one from Kuala Lumpur, and rarest of all, one from Amsterdam. Amsterdam has only one Starbucks outlet and most people have no idea where.


Theresa said...

Cool pics! We don't even have a single Starbucks in Pamplona. Not that it's a problem, because you can get great coffee almost anywhere.

I Dive At Night said...

Actually, you can't get to the Starbucks in Amsterdam because it's inside the airport past security. Spain will be overrun soon. Holland will be last in Western Europe.

J. D. said...

Morgan...You have a great "eye". I like the lamp posts:-)

And the mugs!.....Who knew? I can't wait to check out our local places. Think of the collection we could have, if we had known!! Love...Mom

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, I had inspiration driving me on that lamp thing.

If there's more than a mug for Niagara Falls and one for Toronto (ie. one for every berg and backwater in between)then I'm mistaken on the collectability of these silly things.

Minka said...

I love the lamp posts as well. I liked when you said that the food most often could give you an opinion, too :)

Starbucks collector mugs...thanks for bringing it up after you returned from places I might never go to...

It's lucky you are a nice guy and I know nobody in Amsterdam that would break into your apartment for me...yet!

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, we can talk. I need mugs from Iceland and various German cities. Where do you want a mug from? I can influence trip locations.

Haven't you read that Rogier is moving out? I'm interviewing roommates! You would have to break in.