Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It keeps staring at me!

There's half a cake sitting in the fridge. I can hear it calling me. It stands between me and the fixings for a proper dinner. I could cut and chop and fix and fry. Boil and blend and stir. Or I could just open a huge space in my fridge by removing and safely disposing of the menacing g√Ęteau.

Yesterday was a blast! Rarely can you have so much fun without leaving the house. In my case, Christmas was myself and three friends in the living room with dozens of DVDs, tons of food, and plenty to drink.

It went pretty well considering my apartment was at the fully rated capacity. I only have 4 plates, 4 large glasses, seating for 3 etc.. So serving a meal to friends was a juggling act of washing, serving and washing. The upside was the near lack of dirty dishwear this morning. My dishpan hands will recover.

But now it's the night after. The sun is down. Everything's clean. I've lit the remaining candles. And that darn cake is calling, calling me from the fridge, reminding me its a limited time offer.

Pardon me, it's uhm... dinner time.


quilly said...

Eat your vegetables, Morgan -- then you may have some cake!

I Dive At Night said...

So I should have the cake with ketchup? That's just silly! I had some with tea instead.

narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, have some good coffee with the cake....enjoy!!!!

Charline said...

Never ignore the calling of a gateau!

I Dive At Night said...

Ladies, I broke down and ate a LOT of cake. Alas, the cake was mostly whipped cream. I couldn't finish it... it was "self-limiting" in a gastric way.

Wanda, my coffee is always good.