Friday, March 07, 2008

Amsterdam at 2am

I had drinks tonight with my friend then started walking home. I stopped in at a place and met an effeminent African-French tourist and a man of unknown origin and name (aka Mr. Thatsnotimportant). Quite possibly some kind of cult/terrorist recruiter. As I walked home from the experience I thought," Damn I missed this place!"

I missed my long walk home, the beautiful buildings and the freaky people all around. What ever you think, it's ok to talk about here.

There's a lot I didn't say in the US. There were unfair dichotomies in Brazil that frightened me. But in Amsterdam it's all good.

On the way home, I met this couple. The site said it all to me. Amsterdam at midnight is pretty cool, but Amsterdam at 2am is cooler.

I'm glad to be, a few paces from, home.


J. D. said...

O.K. It's pretty clear. (and I understand how you feel about that beautiful, old city) You are never going to leave Amsterdam. Just one thing.....what are the retirement homes like there?.....Mom

Minka said...

Amsterdam is pretty cool, J.D. I had the pleasure of your son's company in showing it to me. For some reason, a night tour wasn't included in the travel package!

Amsterdam rocks and placed itself right after Prague in my list of favorite cities.

Doug said...

Cool. Even hair is multicultural.

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, the old-folks' homes line the beaches along the coast.

Uhm, as I recall someone planned a return train at the same time the preferred restaurant was having it's first sitting.

I tried to go to Prague once! But that's a long story.

Actually Dawg the hair was a weapon. Thus adding to the excitement of the night.