Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Party Update

Hosting is fun! It really is. I never used to think that, but past friends have taught me how to organize a party. I've taken their teachings, adding in a bit of process engineering, and I think I have the plans for a party that runs itself.

I see myself cleaning glasses a few times through the night... but that should be it.

Adam loves to bake, and I'm afraid of ovens, so he's volunteered to put fresh french bread in the oven every hour or two. (They sell semi-baked bread here.) And he's offered to bake a batch of his (from scratch) brownies. My apartment is going to smell incredible!

The beer is sourced and cooled. The fridge is full. There's some air space in there, but I don't think the shelves can take the weight of another row of bottles. And the three spare cases (cooling) on the balcony are sorted so that each case contains a mix of the three beer varieties. Grolsch, Heineken and Brand will all be available all night.

The liquor stock in the bar would make a Kennedy proud. (Mental note, need more mix.)

Music will play when ever diving videos aren't. And anyone will be welcome to select the next song from the list of thousands available.

Last weekend I spent a bit on chairs. Nice ones! But I'm expecting mostly standing. Especially around the dining room table which will be packed with foods and drink.

Down the hall the bathroom and water closet are spotless. It took until 10pm last night, but every inch is shiny and clean. (Totally opposite to Sunday morning no doubt.) And I'll be leaving the bucket and cleaning supplies near by. "Accidents happen. There's the bucket, clean it up."

I'm very excited by how many people are coming! I really hope everyone has as much fun partying as I'm having planning. My only last concern... does anyone know where you can buy ice in Holland???


quilly said...

I suppose you've waited too late to buy an ice maker? Now THAT would really make your parties famous!

Sounds like you're ready for fun. I'd like a Tequila Driver, please -- but no car keys!

I Dive At Night said...

Tequila, darn! Well I don't have lemons either...

I'm trying to keep the purchases down to things I'll use afterwards (like the chairs). Ice makers, ice crushers and ice sculptures aren't on the list.

J. D. said...

Good stuff, Morgan. I'm, even, full of anticipation thinking about it. Later.....Mom

quilly said...

What?! You're never having another party?

Anonymous said...
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I Dive At Night said...

Hi Mom!

Quilly, this is the first in... 3 years. First while blogging. But I've been planning (anticipating) it for 3 months now... ever since the roommate moved out.

Adam Brown left me an advertisement. Thanks Adam, but uhm, I've chosen to delete your comment. If I'm not going to make money here neither can you.

(Quilly, you can.)

Theresa said...

Looks like Adam strikes again. Have a great time, and good luck finding the ice. Did you try the supermarket? Maybe you could start a BYOI tradition.

tsduff said...

- check the river (for ice)
- it's limes (for the tequila)
- sounds like a blast!

Irene said...

First I thougt you meant ice cream, but I suppose you mean cubes... no idea, but I do know that supermarkets sell a kind of plastic bags (probably at the lunchbags-shelve) in which you can make them yourself . So if you'd fill a lot of those (if there's room in your fridge) you can make them in advance, and then you can go to Blokker to buy a wine cooler or an ice bucket to keep them in. I used to have such a thing but I'm not sure it's still there ;-)
O, and regarding the RSVP: Vinnie is probably not coming, so I'll be on my own and leaving around 23.30 to catch my train... :-( :-(

I Dive At Night said...

Theresa, BYOI, of course, it's so obvious. Don't complain to me if you didn't (obviously) bring along some ice.

Terry, I forgot the tequila! Well, no, based on a few of the guests I chose not to get tequila. Safety first!

Irene, the bus schedule is posted to the door with various train times attached. :-)