Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I don't feel older...

I attended a collective birthday party on Sunday. It was for Nancy's sister, niece, nephew, and myself. The freshly-turned 6-year old niece was clearly now SIX. It was a milestone for her... finally no longer five... a big event!

But I'm not feeling a change in myself with the change of date. Counting in years only, I'm 2.8% older than last week. Counting from day to day, my age actually only increased 0.007%. Realistically I do feel perhaps 0.007% older than yesterday. But making the coffee 0.007% stronger seems to compensate nicely.

While the age itself was no milestone, the day was memorable. A special thanks goes out to all of Holland. The whole country mobilized yesterday to celebrate my day with me!

Okay, they might have been cheering on the national football (soccer) team. And the partying and drinking might have been a bit heavy due to the 3-0 trouncing of world champion Italy. But it was still wonderful having everyone out and singing and enjoying.

Thank you everyone who sent happy wishes, and to the millions in Holland who helped me celebrate. What on earth will I do next year to top this?!?


Irene said...

You're welcome !! But didn't it hurt a little bit too last night, since you're part Italian ?
I was dressed in orange clothing all day, fully prepared to enjoy the game, and then..... I fell asleep in front of the television and woke up at 02.00. Next time (Friday) I'm gonna watch with others so they can keep me awake !!!

I Dive At Night said...

Irene, I was in Italy during the 2002 World Cup. I've seen them loose much more important games to much more important teams.

Nancy said...

Although I thoughT I spotted a grey hair just the other day ;-)

You don't seem that (much) old(er) to me :-)

Maybe next year they can throw a concert in your honor

Mother Theresa said...

Wow, six, now that is a big thing. I remember turning six and it was important. Now, well, I'd rather stay where I am. At least you're still celebrating, and having the whole country cheering (even if not directly at you) is a nice way to do it.

Irene said...

So how was the cheering last night, it must have been deafening ? I really hope they keep on playing this way, you weren't there in 1988 but the party in Amsterdam was ENORMOUS back then, you wouldn't want to mis that !!!

I Dive At Night said...

And then Nancy found a second grey hair! Or was that the first one again?

Theresa, you can't beat the whole country cheering along with you.

Irene, I caught game 2 from Leersum. But I'll be in Amsterdam for the quarter finals!