Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally a moment...

I'm here to report that I have finally felt a moment of peace.

It took a long time to figure out what it was, to find the word. It wasn't that I suddenly realized I felt happy. I didn't. But I didn't feel the pain either. There are challenges and bad times before me and behind, but this moment felt neutral. There is so much to be done, and yet nothing needed doing right then. After arriving home feeling sick yesterday, I finally felt well, and had slept.

And for a moment, peace felt good.

Thanks to Zeus the dog for making the cancelled flight in Frankfurt more tolerable. And thanks to all of you who have sent hugs and condolences via all the messages, emails and posts. They genuinely conveyed their messages and brought me strength in hard times.

Now? Well now there's simply a peaceful Saturday morning. Soon? Soon there will be the job hunt, moments of grieving, negotiations for temp work, signing up for Dutch class, returning to karate, and catching up with friends. A mixed bag.

Hopefully, every now and then, for a moment or two at a time, there will be more moments of peace.


Irene said...

I'm glad you're home save again! Take care, and I hope the vacancies I mailed you will help with the job hunt.

Big hug !!! Irene

Nancy said...

Good luck with the job hunt, I hope you find something permanent for a change.

Glad to hear you are at peace (for now). Don't hesitate to call if you need a friend to talk to.

Doug said...

Zeus the dog sounds heroic. Glad to hear a moment peace found you. Many more, pal.