Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm lost,
I'm worried.
I'm frightened,
And scared.

I'm searching,
I wander.
I'm falling,
Thin air.

I'm looking,
Not Seeing.
Not knowing,

I'm floating,
No, falling.
Not growing,
I groan.

So big,
The world is.
So small,
I am.

These people,
All moving.
Not me,
I stand.

With no one.
Not caring,
Not scared.

Those people,
All moving.
There faces,
Blank stares.

Not caring.

I've seen,
Those people.
I'll stay here,
Like this.


Circa 1993, the original is undated. I found it with university papers and it was laser printed so not from the 80's dot-matrix era. The title, Acceptance, is about accepting the fact that I'm different. That I stand slightly (ever so slightly) aside from the rest, observing. It's how I felt then and when I came across it today I was touched by how it is still what I feel.

It's not good peotry, but given the reems of old school books now thrown out, it is (now) one of my first/oldest.


Charline said...

Cool! I think most of us can see ourselves in those words at some time or other.

Irene said...

Wow ! I knew you were good with words, but it seems that you've always had it !!
How are things now ? Hope to hear from you soon, I'd love to help you find the perfect job !!