Friday, September 04, 2009

It's Yellow!

Yellow can mean cowardly. Or snow that shouldn't be played in. But today yellow is a source of pride, as I sit here, staring at my new karate belt.

Eleven months of training and practice have brought me to a point where I can now begin my karate training. Anyone can get a white belt for just showing up. Yellow means you've been preparing and are ready to learn.

Heck, my first lesson hurt for two weeks. The sports injuries I received in my first few classes took most of the year to heal. Some remain. But I have no doubt I'm stronger and fitter than I was. I've discovered flexibility I thought hips couldn't provide and while I'm sure it will leave a bruise, I can block a punch with force.

And now? Am I ready? Well, not according to my own experience, nor the tennants of karate. But at this rate, in just seven to ten more years, I'm going to be good at this.


Quilly said...

LOL! What made you take up karate? Why did you quit diving? And -- I thought you'd quit blogging! You're still on my feed reader, but your posts never show up. I thought you had permanently migrated to Facebook!
Had you not wandered by Doug's today I'd still be clueless.

I Dive At Night said...

Hi Quilly! Quit diving?!? No no, I just took a 'few months' off for a variety of reasons. And yup, I'm still posting. Never truly stopped. Although I haven't been reading/visiting other blogs for a while now.
Karate was a pressent to myself in exchange for quitting smoking a year ago. I figured I'd gain wait (and did) and needed the 'kick'.