Friday, September 08, 2006

I Am Analog

I couldn't say it better myself. And now that I'm blogging I think it's something I'll have to work to remember. Thanks Yasmina for posting this photo with such an obvious but necessary to remember comment!

I am analog, although after a long day on computers, listening to MP3s, and talking on digital cellular it's difficult to figure out where the digital realm and analog reality separate.

Deep down on the pit of my stomach, as the rollercoaster picks up speed down the steep slope... that's analog. But so is all the rest of it. Or at least it should be. The pains in my shoulder, knee, and back are analog. But they are all due to too much time infront of digital equipment.

We should all be so lucky to have clothing that reminds us from time to time, we are analog.

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IDiveAtNight said...

Check out to find this and other cool shirts. Thanks for the info Yasmina, and for letting me use your pic.