Saturday, September 09, 2006

Try Something Different

I always recommend doing something different, just for the sake of trying new things. Today, for me, that was running a Dive Shop.

After a late day at work (real work, aka the day job) I had a boring evening (laundry and early to bed) and woke up early this morning expecting to go scuba diving. I've been working weekends as a divemaster-in-training for a local scuba shop. Expecting to meet up with the instructor and students, I instead found out the instructor wasn't showing. The only qualified instructor available was the shop owner, who normally spends weekends minding the store.

So I quite suddenly found myself running the shop when instead I had expected to be underwater. If you've read the posts below, you know I love being underwater. But I have to say, I had a blast running the shop today instead!

It was actually a bit scarey, and a bit like being a kid in a candy store. I didn't have a clue how the credit card machine worked, what parts were and were not in stock, or what anything cost. Scarey! But I greeted each customer at the door and they looked to me for infomation and advice. Candy store!

Somehow I rang up a few sales (some wrong, oh well) and filled a lot of tanks so that others could get out and enjoy being underwater. :-) Compared to the desk I usually sit behind, running the dive shop was a great experience! There was something really special about facilitating and helping others to do something you also love. But best of all, without warning or preparation, I found myself doing something completely different. And that was the best part.

Doing something different, whether by chance or by choice, is always a great thing. If Chance hasn't thrown you such an opportunity lately, don't be afraid to make a choice and just try something for the sake of it.


p.s. The photos shows are from Adventures in Diving in Duluth GA, the shop I was working was Atlantic Divers in Danvers MA.
p.p.s. Photos used compliments of Lies (my favourite dive buddy).

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