Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I shouldn't be here right now.

I shouldn't be here right now. This is very disrespectful to the guy who's currently teaching the training course I'm sitting in on!

My personal intro says it. They make me work during the day, so I dive at night. "They" made me work all day yesterday (and without Internet connectivity!) and I did dive last night. So I haven't had time to blog. Today I'm also working, and still don't have time to blog. But "work" is a training course. A training course I could just as well be teaching as sitting in on. (Truly, the instructor was surprised to see me here.) But I figured it was worth attending.

I may have been wrong.

Thankfully there's Internet access from this training room! As the title says, I should not be using this access right now. But hey, I've got less than two weeks of work left... who could resist?!?

So I shouldn't be blogging. And really, I have nothing to blog about (yet) today. But sometimes it's just fun to go places you shouldn't be, and do things you shouldn't do.

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Minka said...

You have the Discworl series of Pratchett in your profile...we´ll get along just fine. Thanks for stopping by my blog and there will be loads of Icleandic stuff to discuss between us!