Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I still shouldn't be here

I'm still in a training course, and I still shouldn't be typing this blog while the instructor tries valiantly to make the material less boring. But I have wireless Internet access and simply cannot keep reading other people's blogs without adding to my own.

It's been a darn boring time at work, but the time outside of work has been relatively enlightening. For example, I'm working this week with two old friends. There isn't time for us to share during work, but there's plenty of time over beer in the evenings. Very cool. And as I say, enlightening.

You see, for years I've listened to some really great stories from these guys. Really great stories. And last night I finally got to meet one of the main stars / co-conspirators of a number of these stories. Wayne just happened to be in the same town at the same time as Mike and Joby and I thought I was going to see a re-enactment of crazy and wild times. Three frat brothers loose on the town, and me to watch the chaos.

What I got were stories. And that's when I realized it. Of course the stories are so darn good... they've been told and spun and rehearsed billions of times!

So I've discovered that my friends are not necessarily the wild and crazy guys they might once have been. But hey, at least they're good story tellers. And that is a worthy skill.


Anonymous said...

Having been a participant in aforementioned stories over the years, I can testify that over time the stories have gotten better and a bit taller. But, there are no 7 foot Goliaths in any of them and I will further testify that there is no more dramatic license than necessary to maintain interest of the listener. Also, the really good stories, we don't tell Morgan - they'd probably kill him....

IDiveAtNight said...

Thanks Mike! I appreciate your discretion. I just hope you use it when relaying events I was involved in. Walking me into that fountain was funny. The rest? The rest of the stories leave me worreid. :-)