Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day... three?

I've been home for just over 72 hours! The apartment is half clean.

Yesterday war raged! No matter how much the vacuum sucked and strained, wave after wave of dusty-bunny soldiers stormed the nozel, clogging the bag and spewing tomorrow's dust sediment through the air. Behind every box and item of furniture they sat in wait; only to scurry around the floor the moment their hiding place was disturbed. They would immediately run towards whatever section of floor had just been cleaned. But I kept fighting!

Some bunny platoons... especially those on high shelves... released dirty bombs the moment their location was discovered. You could see the air all around slowly sinking to the floor... to regroup and attack again. But I kept fighting!

It took a bucket, squeegy, sponge, dust rags, and a vacuum. But I kept fighting!

I would like to declare that anti-dust forces have been successful in their battles against the dust-bunnies. The green zone, in the bedroom and hallway, is expected to remain clean and to ensure this, anti-dust forces will be moving into the kitchen and livingroom to reclaim terriroty (such as the spot under the couch) in the name of clean-loving peoples every where.

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