Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WTF is wrong with North Americans???

Four, count 'em, four school shootings in the past week or so. Three in the U.S. and one in Canada. What is going on here people?!?! Over 225 school shooting deaths in the last 7 years.

Being a European-residing Canadian currently working in the United States I've tried hard to keep my blog a-political. Essentially non-topical. And certainly un-judgmental! But seriously, there's a problem going on here (in North America... not just the U.S.) and it scares the heck out of me.

When I first moved to Holland I thought I could easily stay until I had children of school age. But due to the extremely liberal systems in place there I thought I would want my kids to be educated in a Canadian public school or otherwise in private school. Now I'm rethinking. When even the Amish aren't safe... who is?

To those reading from the outside world, don't get me wrong. The mentality that allows a grown man to take out his frustrations by executing 6-year old girls is NOT the norm! The average person here is the same as the average person any where else. But the statistical outliers, the exceptions to the rule, are popping up here in a way that seems unique.

Michael Moore's film Bowling for Columbine was all about this very topic. And years after the problem took front stage in the general consciousness, we still don't have any solutions or any ideas as to the causes of the problem.

In 5 days I'm getting out of the U.S., and in about 12 days I'll be leaving the continent. That's a personal solution. But that doesn't work for or help out the hundreds of millions of innocent people I'm leaving behind.

In general, this world needs more love. Love yourself, love your family, love your god. It doesn't matter what. In specific, a few people clearly need to get laid more often also.

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