Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happier Thoughts....

Don't you love it when you find a soul mate? A relatively rare thing, some times people with whom you are just particularly "in tune" enter into your life. Some times these meetings are brief. Other times these meetings start long-term friendships or even life-long romances (very rare!).

No matter what the results, there are intangible qualities to some people who touch us (our soul) in a way that others simply do not. Some sense people with good auras. Others feel compatible chakra. Other people think in terms of ch'i (qi). In western culture we think of finding a soul mate.

Regardless of how it's phrased, I find it intriguing that this phenomena is described in also every human culture. Yet in our modern western culture is has no unified terminology and is generally ignored or passed off as fantasy.

I hope most of us have had friends (or closer) where we were able to finish the other person's sentences, or ended up saying unexpected things simultaneously. Think back. Was this "skill" something that arose from spending large amounts of time with the other person, or did it appear straight away?

We're trained to dismiss these coincidences. To ignore them. To ignore the feeling of being some how mentally/telepathically linked to another human. But it doesn't have to be that way. Open your mind and accept the peaceful pleasure that comes from even the simplest interactions with one of life's greatest gifts... the soul mate.

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Irene Bons said...

This is great.... thanks !!

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PS It is SO great to read that you'll be back within 2 weeks.....