Thursday, October 05, 2006

Real life takes centre stage

I really prefer to write about ideas over events. But today events are taking centre stage over ideas. It's a busy time. It's my second last day working my current contract, my third last day in the United States, and plans and activities are flying about in all directions.

I spent a portion of my "work day" and sent three more job applications. (Thanks for the leads Irene!) I should be terribly worried about what I'm going to do next for work, but I'm too preoccupied by the question of when I'm going to get to sleep.

Hey, if anyone needs a radio communications network built, I can do that. High-speed wireless data? I'm your guy! Need help programming your Nokia? So do I.

I'm really looking forward to being at my parents' on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner! And strangely, wonderfully, a number of old classmates from college have just made email contact this week... just before I'll be back in town. I hope they can pull themselves away from the Lego(tm) and Teletubbies long enough to come out for a beer.

Aside: Is it wrong that my classmates all have children and I still hang out with young women who babysit?

To my friends reading this, no matter where you are, chances are I'll by passing by and seeing you in the next week or two. If all goes well then by the time I get home I'll be too partied out to party... out.


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