Monday, November 20, 2006

Checklists and countdowns...

It's Monday evening. Just four more shopping days left to organize and pack before it's time to jump on a plane and enjoy a true vacation! And thus... I'm deep in mental checklists, packing ideas, equipment preparation, etc..

Today I went out for a few unusual items. Sunscreen (Holland in November?) Even just the extra package of hair elastics. Important to any long-haired diver! I've just received my spare fin strap (you can't be too careful) and just bought a new wetsuit perfect for tropical waters. Do I pack my first-aid kit, or assume the place I'm diving with has them? And always, if my laundry takes 36 hrs to hang dry, when do I have to start the first load in order to have only dry clothes in the suitcase? One of life's hardest math problems!

Checklists and countdowns take some of the joy out of the anticipation. A lot of the joy actually!

But the optimist in me always wins. Today I bought milk that expires just after I'm gone. Perfect! Little things can be just as much fun as the big ones. My official PADI card arrived today. So I can flash it around novice dives and provoke awh and reverence. (No, not really.) But basically all the paperwork I'll require is coming together. Insurance is bought. Need more sunscreen. Still need to pack a save-a-dive spares kit...

... shoot, I'm doing it again. Checklists and countdowns. I'm going to need a vacation after planning and having a vacation this long! Ah, poor me. ;-)


IDiveAtNight said...

And I'm also very excited because I'm actually going to get to dive at night! (My login)

Happy to announce that Virtual Spot had his tuna recipe changed to a new low-ash version. We have fewer problems with temporary files building up as a result. Please stop giving him virtual catnip however.

Minka said...

I am gla dyou sirted teh issues. So, is it ok...I play with him again?

Happy diving!

IDiveAtNight said...

Can you play with my pussy cat?!? Minka, around here we treat our guests like kings and queens. Ice Queens even!

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to take an evening or two and update the blog with photos while I'm gone, but might not be able to. See if in a few weeks if not. ;-(