Saturday, November 18, 2006

Too Busy To Blog!

Sure it's absolutely counter-intuitive, counter-productive, and just plain silly, but the fact that I'm too busy to blog is entirely blog-worthy and thus must be written about!

I'm still on an extended vacation (should I call it a sabatical?) and still sleeping in way too late and going to bed at stupid hours. But I'm managing way more than sitting around. I'm actually busy! Two days ago I spent the whole day (and night) in Gouda visiting an old friend I've missed talking to for ages. This morning I woke up and helped a friend 6 time-zones away by proof-reading a paper. Now I'm off to help another friend set up a WiFi network, then I'll barely have time for dinner before meeting the guys for pool (billiards) night. After that, some time around midnight, another friend is getting off work, and this being Friday that may be reason enough to stay out for a few more hours.

So I'll be surprised if tonight isn't another late one, and if tomorrow isn't late. I'll recover on Sunday. For now, energy is for using, not storing. I've gotta go out and burn some energy!

p.s. I was too busy to wait for Blogger to unglitch itself, so this post actually was published much later in the day.


Minka said...

UNGLITCH? Is that a word? I like it!
And I know what you mean about is there to live and if you need a break from it, you can post an entry. Enjoy teh outsides my friend!

IDiveAtNight said...

:-) Well, the real word would have been "unfuck". But that's less appropriate for the main page.

Blogger has been a real glitch lately.