Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Virtual Spot!

My cat's name is Spot. He's an old black tomcat who now lives with my parents in Canada. He's going a little grey with time (he's like a million in cat years) but still loves balls and string and sticks.

I've seen virtual pets around the 'net for a while now. But I hadn't ever realized the potential for playing with them! It was just yesterday I played with Ferdinand, a blog-friend's virtual pet from Bunnyhero Labs. (Her blog was down and I only had the Blogger sidebar, including pet, to keep me entertained.) At first I was just excited that the pet's eyes were following my cursor. I'd never noticed that before! Then I realized you could interact!!! Pets can be fed. My virtual-spot cat can even be played with. And can be put in and out of his basket. (Please remember to put him back in his basket when you're done.) They follow your cursor, respond to clicks, and are almost as entertaining as some of the real (e.g. fish) pets they mimic.

So go ahead, grab the stick with the ball, or a tin of tuna, and go play with virtual spot for a while. He's just down the sidebar on your right. He'll be happy to have company. And I'm happy to have him on the blog now!


Minka said...

Aren´t they just a treat?
I remember when I got Ferdinand and soemtimes went to my blog just to check on him :) I even feed him before I enter my comment section. dedication my friend.
*hands him soem cat food, some wool, and a plastic mouse as a welcome*

Minka said...

How about a name, for that little black fellow?

IDiveAtNight said...

Minka, his name is "virtual spot" named after the real (and really old) cat in Canada name, simply, "spot".

I know it's a dog's name more than a cat's name. But that's really the cat's name and so this cat was also thusly named. Virtually.

IDiveAtNight said...

It's been a couple of days already but I can't figure out how to change his virtual litterbox. Can anyone help with this?!?

My blogspace is filling up with temporary files all over the place. Maybe if we feed him less???

Minka said...

I donæt know, neve rhad any problems over with Ferdinand. Strange!