Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exercise! At long last!

It had been over a month since I did anything I think of as exercise. No diving, no gym visits. Heck, 6 weeks really! So I'm super energized and happy to announce that I made it to the gym yesterday!!!

Would you believe it? While I was gone some right-thinking individual opened a new gym right beside my apartment! And since exercise is like any good addiction, the first visit is FREE! Free access to the weights, the machines, the big plasma TVs on the wall to help you forget you look like a git running in place. (I like exercise and thus I like the gym. But treadmills are funny looking.)

I went with a friend who had NO clue what the machines did or what to do with herself in a gym. Good thing too, since it cut my workout short, which today is clearly saving me a lot of pain! So I got to talk about muscle groups and abduction and sets and stuff, and that was fun too. Had I done one more set on any of the muscle groups I targetted I would now regret it.

Rather than pain, I've got energy! Not necessarily as hyper as all the exclamation marks might imply, but energy that wasn't there yesterday when I was desperately trying to motivate myself to get some exercise. Today everything's happened (waking, showering, etc.) an hour or two earlier than "normal". And I can't wait to get out to enjoy the next few moments of winter's daylight.

Tomorrow??? Definitely need more exercise! So I'll get up that much earlier and go straight there tomorrow. (In the hopes of meeting staff who haven't seen me use my first free visit.)

There aren't that many addictions that feel this good or are so good for you. Food, water, air, exercise. It's right up there. So I guess if you're feeling winter inside, my advice is to go scam a free trip to the gym!


Minka said...

I got a free year-ticket to the gym two months back...I love it and youa re absolutely right.
You are re-vitalized!
The energy is going up, you are ready earlier than you ever thought you could get out of bed.
My gym is attached to a outdoor swimmign pool and a steam room. Hours of fun, my friend!

IDiveAtNight said...

Well I agree entirely! It took me a few more days but I just got in another bit of exercise and look forward to a ton more tomorrow.

In Holland we've got the North Sea, but it's far from steamy. More, unfrozen. A hot shower will have to suffice.