Friday, November 24, 2006

Out of office reply....

My Out-of-office reply a la Outlook...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry I'm not hear to reply to your comments right now, but I will be back in "normal life" by December 13, 2006 after which I will be able to make fun of your comments.

I'm so excited!!! I was having trouble on Monday, knowing I was flying out Saturday morning. Now it's Friday night and it's GREAT! And terrible. I think I'm 99% packed. Just my toothbrush and this laptop left to go into bags. (Carry-on for both.)

The laundry is cleaned and packed. My scuba gear has been checked, rechecked, had spare parts packed with it and been repacked. If I stay in, I won't sleep, but if I go out I fear sleeping in. I can't win!

And yet I can't loose. :-) I'm looking forward to arriving in Bonaire tomorrow!!! And to truly relaxing into the place and enjoying fully. I'm also looking forward to taking lots of pictures, perhaps a few underwater, and posting as much as possible to this blog. Till then stay well, and if you get cold, just think of Bonaire's warm sunny weather.

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Mike said...

Hey Buddy, Have a great time in Bonaire - give me a shout when you get back. I'm still holding down the fort here ( or 'hear' as you use it ;) ) in Boston - may get an extension somewhere else. But we will talk about that later. Dive Safe