Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bonaire is Beautiful!

It doesn't even really need saying, but Bonaire is beautiful both above and (especially) below the water! After almost two weeks I'm completely in love with the place, the people, the diving lifestyle here on the island... all of it.Thank goodness I've still got 5 days before I leave. Alas, I only have 5 days before I leave.

So far I've done 23 dives, a few to 40m (130'), a ton of night dives, and one that set a personal best time of 75 minutes on a normal sized tank of air. But it's not about numbers. My diving is so relaxed, so enjoyable... it's an incredible experience bordering on the surreal. I'm spending 3+ hours per day below the waves, feeling completely at one with the sea.

Details, pictures, videos and stories will all be posted once I'm home. For now, this is just to say that I'm enjoying what could ultimately be a life altering experience.

Live altering? Yep. I'm coming back in May to do my Instructor course. After that, I'm LOOKING FOR WORK! My mind is already made up and I'm coming back to stay! Some times life hands you an opportunity that you'd have to be a fool to pass up. Don't worry, you'll all be welcome to come visit me once I'm hear to live... provided you let me teach you to dive. :-)

So far I've helped (as a Divemaster) three new divers become certified. I've also introduced two new divers to the joy of night diving (note my login name) and I just can't get enough of seeing peoples' reactions to the beauty I can show them. Life is good. Really really good!


Mike said...

Mo says in his recent email, pointing us to his updated blog: "I hope you're having as much fun as I am...."
Does he see us in Bonaire?? Did we send him an email that we were going to Fiji (ok, bad choice with the coup and all) before he went on vacation?
Mo - I am at work, stuck behind a computer earning minimum wage in 20 degree weather and the only diving I get is under the covers before my butt freezes at night. No, I can safely say, I am not having as much fun as you!
But, I am glad that you are having enough fun for all of us and look forward to the details!

Wanda said...

Hi Morgan, no need to rub it in u know. I'm jealous, vacation ended so quickly, but enjoyed every minute under the water. Safe diving !!!

Irene said...

I knew it, you're gonna move to Bonaire !! I sure plan to visit you when you've found a job over there, especially since I know some other people over there too (I just mailed you about that). But I'm glad you'll be back in Amsterdam before that, let's meet up real soon ! Have fun, CU soon PS Great picture, now I've really lost all motivation for work...........

IDiveAtNight said...

Mike, you're only making minimum wage because you're billing for 37 hours of work each calendar day. (Mind you he is working 18-20 of those.)

Wanda, you'll be back before you know it. I'll be inviting you for dinner (at my place) when you do.

Irene, I'm back this Wednesday. My brain (jetlag) will be back by the weekend. Tell Vinny to get his darts warmed up. :-)

FYI, I've now done 40 dives for a total of 32 hours of bottom time! Planning about 6 more before I have to rest up for the flight. :-P

bex said...

BTW, so nice to re-find you!

IDiveAtNight said...

Trying to get in my dive stories one blog article at a time. So far I've written about the wreck of the Hilma Hooker and the rescue situation that made my last Bonaire dive so interesting.

Next is coming my description of Captain Don's Habitat, and my thoughts on diving with more experienced and less experienced buddies.