Thursday, November 09, 2006

Writing feels right right now.

Well I've already spent the morning writing. Emails, blog comments, to-do lists in my mind, so I thought I might as well stop by the blog and write something here. Trouble is, I'm sitting here in the best part of my day and I am without motivation on what to write about.

I've often thought of doing a blog of notions, quips, sayings, thoughts, and ideas. Some dumb, some wise, some so deep they're meaningless. I think up a thought from time to time but never write it down. For example...

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Ever notice how the author (Bill somebody) completely leaves out any discussion on the idea of loving and "winning"? Hmmm. Maybe it simply is "Best to have loved and lost." N'est pas?

I suspect, however, that if I filled a blog entry with my own thoughts, it would come off as a bit too sarcastic and dark. A large part of my current bliss stems from ignoring all consequences and long-term outlooks. (Well, not normally, but I'm on vacation darn it!)

I guess a happier thought would be something more like...

Why don't adults ever take the time to looks at clouds? Sure here in Holland clouds tend to be homogeneous grey from horizon to horizon, but the days they aren't... why don't more of us stop and enjoy the beauty of a cloud as it blows by far over our heads?

Some of my ideas might come off as preachy, and that's not the goal. But I think a lot about stuff like...

When discussing "sustainable development" does any one get that defacto most existing growth and development is "unsustainable"? So without change, there will be a limit, and hitting that limit hard would be a very bad thing. What would you do if you were suddenly required to live with a fraction of the energy you now use?

I do like to keep my blog often topical to scuba diving. So I'll mention I still need a buddy to go to Bonaire (or any where really) next week. Where I hope to do ample amounts of night diving. But that's all that's to say there.

If it was time for personal information sharing then I'd say that I should be in the gym working off my "america weight". Perhaps I'll just start with a shave and shower and see what happens next.

But as you can see... I can't decide. So I'll just have to close today's blog here. Because I've got nothing to write about. Oh well, have a great day!


Minka said...

That was a longish entry for soembody who has got nothign to say :)

" It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all"
Alfred Lord Tennyson!
who incidently also wrote: "I wandered lonely as a cloud among a host of golden daffodils!"

There are people who look at the sky and smile right back at it, that pick up a flower and put it in their button just have to look really hard to find them.

IDiveAtNight said...

:-) Thanks for the inspiration! It formed the start of the next post I made. (I just can't stop writing today.)