Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The sauce is cooking... an update

The pasta sauce (tomato, meat, and veggies) is cooking slowly on the stove. Starting it at 4pm is just perfect for a 6:30 or 7pm dinner.

In the mean time, there's so much going on all at once, that I thought I should stop and do a personal update, rather than a normal post. I'm not keen to make this blog too much about me. But without an update some of the other blogs might not make sense.

I'm originally from near to Niagara Falls Canada, lived and worked in Canada until 29, then moved to Europe and have been living in Amsterdam for almost 6 years now. Lately, my engineering consulting work has been largely freelance. So my last 2 contracts had me working in the U.S., living out of hotels, and spending 12 hours plus per day infront of multiple computers. In every way that matters to the soul, I'm unemployed at the moment (not on paper) and enjoying and relaxing as much as possible.

Lately I've managed to solve a number of annoying problems, including what to do next for work. I've had a couple of job interviews and have been told to expect a written job offer shortly.

In the mean while, the last dive I had back in September to finish my Divemaster internship is still the last dive I was on. I've already missed opportunities in Canada and Holland to get wet. Frustrated by this state of affairs, I've decided to go away and dive some beautiful warm tropical place. Hopefully Bonaire. I'm planning on just hopping a plane and going without a dive buddy. So if anyone wants to go... just say so!

Pardon me, the sauce needs stirring.

I'm hoping to find a diveshop/resort that can use some assistance so I can gain some divemastering experience. Still, if all I get to do is fly through warm clear water, that's enough!

There is one aspect of life that has been conspiquously missing from my blog as from life in general lately. That would be a companion of the female type. But for now I'll be happy in a new job (based out of Amsterdam!), lots of diving (warm and cold) to look forward to, and finally being home after too too long a trip away.


Bonaire Diver said...

I am planning a trip to Bonaire, too, and need a dive buddy. davelewis51@comcast.net
I will be staying here: http://www.beachfronthamlet.com/

Minka said...

see how quickly the internet works, finding you a partner;) ?!
Ok...I think I am starting to get my head wrapped around you a bit better. At leats all the Amsterdam, canada and Us stuff makes a bit of sense now. When ar eyou leavign for your diving trip?

IDiveAtNight said...

Alas no. I emailed Dave. Nice guy. But he's going in January and I'm going ASAP before my new job starts in December. So I'm still going to have to make friends.

You'd think you'd eventually have enough friends, but it's never so. :)

Anonymous said...
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