Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm booking the vacation!

WOOHOO! During my hellish tour of duty in the U.S. I kept promising myself that it would be all made worth while by having a grand vacation afterwards. Well, two weeks after arriving home and I've just called to sort the details on the vacation! Woohoo hoowoo!

I've gotta run now. But long story short is (1) I have a verbal job offer, and (2) I'm using that bit of security to justify all the expenses (and joys!) of a last-minute tropical diving vacation.

*bubble* *bubble*

Life is beautiful. I just hope there's a big enough gap after coming back from vacation before starting work. ROTFL!


Irene Bons said...

Does this mean you've left on holiday already ?
Congratulations on the verbal agreement !!!

IDiveAtNight said...

Nah, I just heard about the job offer yesterday. I started looking for a holiday immediately and will be in town a week or so before I go (depending on flights).

When are we playing darts?

Irene Bons said...

We'll have to talk about the darts date, Vincent and I are both very busy (and so are you of course) ! He joined a darts team a few weeks ago, as a spare player, but he's practicing every week now. Just so you now what you can expect... I really hope the two of you can bring up the patience to teach me ! When would be convenient for you ?

Minka said...

So cool...go chase soem wish for me, will ye? uh...maybe you can find a turtle that lets you hold on to ???
endless possibilities! Enjoy!